Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dog Eater in Chief

Man bites dog? President eats dog. Between his "Koran classes" in Indonesia, the young, Muslim Obama ate dog meat. More on that here

My tweets on this:

Why did B.O. name his dog Bo? U R what U eat

The First Dog was not B.O.'s first dog

Run, Bo, Run! 

Islam means peace & Obama would never eat man's best friend ... Oh, Wait...

The term "dog food" always confuses Obama 

It's a Prez eat Dog World 

Obama's lapdogs better watch out

B.O. trEats his dogs well(done)

B.O.'s favorite movie is Ghostdog

B.O.'s having a Ruff day ... Pile On

B.O. & Bo's favorite game? The Hunger Games

Hussein the prez ate dog meat? The prez, in his book, no doubt 2 come off as more "cultured" than your average American

from Eat The Dog to Eat The Rich

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Bosch Fawstin said...

A few more of my tweets on this:

B.O. To Bo: "Nice to mmmmEat you."

The choice is now clear: Dog-eatin' Socialist vs Non-Dog-eatin' Slowcialist

We know he's eaten dog, but has he ever eaten hog?