Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama's Earth Certificate

Update 5/17/2012:

Why did Obama's 1991 Literary Agent think he was born in Kenya? Was he the 1st "Birther"?

Update: According to this latest story on Obama's birth certificate (the credibility of which is questioned) : Obama Lawyer Admits Forgery but disregards "image" as Indication of Obama's Ineligibility Damage Control

This is the 3rd time I posted my illustration on the left. Here's what I wrote the first time, August, 2010:

It’s not only “birthers” who bring up Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate these days, Obama himself did so yesterday, in order to lump in the 24% of Americans who think Obama is a Muslim with the “birthers” movement, in what I think could be the first labeling of the “faithers” movement. It was in answer to a question by Brian Williams of NBC “News” yesterday, about Americans’ confusion regarding Obama’s faith. The Drudge Report thought Obama’s strange comment, quoted in my graphic, was worth placing atop his page yesterday.
And so given that Barack Obama has referred to himself as a citizen of the world, given that he’s made it clear that he’s a one worlder and an environmentalist, and since it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was in fact born on earth, then here’s my answer to his problems.

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Brian said...

You may want to take down that "Update" segment, as it was simply a Tea Party site misinterpreting/misrepresenting the lawyer's statements.