Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Obama Blows Off D-Day Again. I don't think he'll blow off B-Day. Here's a piece I did in Sept. 2010, based on an idea by David Horowitz, before the mid-term elections hit Obama. I think it still fits for this coming November. Here's what I wrote then:
Barack Obama is underestimating the opposition he faces, going full steam ahead into November like the Titanic. I think this is because he doesn’t realize he’s challenging the entire American way of life, which is based upon the rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

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defendit said...

We meet must pick up where Pres. Reagan, Gov. Walker and A. Breitbart left off. I think when Pres. Reagan demolished the Soviet totalitarian state and went into his retirement in his late 80s he probably estimated that concerned American patriots would follow up and understand what went wrong in socialist big govt. Marxist theory/movement. Well, it seems that it may finally begin to happen.. but it didn't need to wait until 2012. And even that depends on whether the renaissance/enlightenment vis a vis America's core philosophical values and understandings sinks in and builds momentum past the Obammunist sham scam deception and plunder reign.