Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adding Insult to Atrocity

When do we see Muslims celebrate in mass numbers? When mass numbers of non-Muslims are murdered by Muslims. And since the rampant "Anti-Muslim bigotry" that our disgusting media braced itself for after 9/11 never came, here comes Hollywood to push a lie that's as Big as "Islam means peace". Two films are about to be released, not about the true Anti-NON-Muslim Bigotry that exists across the entire Muslim world and culture, but the alleged anti-Muslim bigotry that supposedly exists across America. We have yet to see One film in Hollywood that dramatizes the Truth about this post- 9/11 world, one that is not metaphorical, but literal, the way Hollywood took on the Nazis during and after WW2. Would the Muslim world EVER release a film that's sympathetic to non-Muslims? No, because they're at War with us. If only we were at war with them.

Below is my Pigman take on the last Indiana Jones film. When we see a Hollywood film come anywhere near this poster, the end of Jihad begins.

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