Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Evil Religion?

I've been tweeting today about one of our major obstacles in taking on the threat of Islam and its Jihad, and that's the idea that religion is beyond reproach. Right after 9/11, one too many in the West ran to the rescue of religion. Bush's Islamic advisor, David Forte, even uttered the words, "Nothing this evil could come from religion." And from that, the words "Islam is peace" left Bush's lips, letting Islam off the hook and crippling our war effort right from the start. I think that will go down as The Costliest Bailout in U.S. History. Why the hell would Muslims fly planes into buildings if they didn't have faith that they were entering "paradise"? In addition to being an act of war, 9/11 was an act of faith. Here are my tweets from today: 

Islam is a religion, and those who say otherwise are trying to protect religion, as if religion can do no wrong, when we All know otherwise.

Islam's religious nature is its forcefield & greatest weapon, & instead of exploring the implications of that, far too many deny that fact.

And I put the words of my last tweet in the mouth of Killian Duke, the hero of my graphic novel, THE INFIDEL.


The Political Informer said...
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AMAI said...

Nail on head - religion is treated as beyond reproach, off-limits etc precisely because faith is valued more than reason.

To Political Informer: all religions are tyrannical entities. That is their nature: it's just that some are more adept at camouflaging their hatred of man's real nature.