Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NYT: Here's How It's Done...

...if you want to connect Ayn Rand & Paul Ryan graphically. My version up top, the New York Times version at the bottom. It was part of a lousy piece in the New York Times, Ayn Rand Wouldn't Approve of Paul Ryan, written by conservative Jennifer Burns. She wrote a biography of Ayn Rand, "Goddess of the Market", (and from what I gather, she doesn't understand Rand) and in this piece, she actually writes that "Tea Party...members believe they are the only ones who deserve government aid." 

As Amy Peikoff writes: 

"No, Ms. Burns, they believe government should not give aid; it should only protect individual rights." 

And Ms. Burns finishes off her piece by writing: 

"If Mr. Ryan becomes the next vice president, it wouldn’t be [Ayn Rand's] dream come true, but her nightmare."

No, Ms. Burns, the current administration would be her nightmare. 

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