Saturday, August 25, 2012


Since telling the truth about Obama and discrediting him are one and the same, we all know that Obama's accomplices will call you every name in the book for doing so, starting with "Racist!" The implication being that there can be No legitimate criticism of Obama, similar to how Muslims, Leftists, and even some on the right, react to criticism towards Islam by accusing critics of "Islamophobia". Seeing how desperate Obama's accomplices are this election year, I wouldn't be shocked if they went the Muslim route and attempted to silence critics by crying "Obamaphobia!" from now until election day. 

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AMAI said...

Thank you for this, Bosch. The other day I was taking part in a conversation - well, I call it that but it was really a case of me trying to put across points, and Obama supporters hurling invective at me. I was called a hater and told to get the hell out of the convo because I'm Canadian. This image is exactly how I imagine some of the worse offenders looked, as they angrily typed their abusive words.