Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Puppet Pastor

I originally wrote and drew this post in April 2011 for, and I wanted to repost it in light of the rotten idea being pushed once again by Obama and his gang in the media, that it's us, and not Islam, which motivates Muslims to kill us. 
Before Terry Jones ... Muslims were peaceful.

Our media and our government are desperately trying to make us believe that an American pastor is somehow responsible for turning otherwise peaceful Muslims into bloodthirsty killers. We are to believe that he is somehow forcing Muslims to riot and to kill when he burns a Koran or when he plans to protest a mosque. This man, Terry Jones, has been called every name in the book by those who never make a peep about the very threat that Jones is trying to warn us about. The latest and absolute greatest outrage in this story is how Jones was jailed this week in Dearborn, Michigan, because of his plans to demonstrate outside the largest Islamic Center in the United States. More on that story here.
It’s not Terry Jones who we should worry about. It’s our enemy and those who refuse to defeat them, our government.

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