Saturday, September 01, 2012


Update: Here is the latest horror that The Enemy in Chief has wrought.

Barack Hussein Obama has been called The First Black President, even though he's of mixed race, - The First Female President, even though I think he's a man. -  The First Gay President, even though I think he's straight. - The First Muslim President, even though I think he's a secular power monger with a hard spot for Islam. But considering his absolute Pro-Islam policies, he's indisputably the most Islamic President Ever. It's clear that he's culturally Muslim as he knows his place and Never utters a single criticism against Islam. He was raised as a Muslim by his Muslim step-father, and he attended Koran class in Indonesia as boy. But more significantly, he is, in his hardcore anti-Americanism, The First Enemy President. His policies, at home and abroad, are foreign in every meaning of the word, foreign to what makes America America. At home, he has done as much damage as he can to our economy in order to level the world's playing field & abroad he has helped our enemy at the expense of our lives, our security and our fortunes. 

The latest story has my blood boiling more than usual when it comes to Obama and his Muslim allies. Obama, in his haste to exit Afghanistan - while leaving those who sheltered al Qaeda undefeated - has put in place Islamophilic policies which have allowed the murder of at least 100 of our soldiers at the hands of our Muslim "allies". Our soldiers were left unarmed and at the mercy of murderous Muslims who were left fully armed. I've been updating an earlier post of mine on this far too many times of late, "Our Soldiers Are Dying For Washington's Islamophilia." This is an outrage among many outrages of the Obama presidency, and I have no idea how the bereaved live with this kind of news, that their loved ones were murdered in the name of Obama's Islamophilia. Bush began this Islam-First foreign policy after he uttered the words "Islam is peace", which I refer to as "The Costliest Bailout in U.S. History"and Obama has exacerbated it. But even if Obama loses this November, it looks like Mitt Romney is poised to become the third Islamophile in chief in a row, post-9/11.

Washington Islamophiles desperately want to believe that "Islam means peace" because the truth would mean war. Their recognition of the truth would be an acknowledgement that an entire part of the world has been at war with us for decades and that those charged to defend us against this threat have done everything to avoid it and appease it. This enemy will Always remind us that they're at war with us, and sooner or later our government, under pressure from us, is going to finally respond with War. From that point, it will be revealed that the Only power this gutless enemy ever had is the power that our gutless leaders gave it. And this goes for all six of our last presidents, with Obama being the worst among them.


AE said...

Great piece!

You mentioned that they've been at war with us for "decades," but just as our gutlessness has given them power, so has our innovation.

They have always been at war with us, the only difference is that "our" technology has allowed them to expedite their eternal war with us to our shores, and into our buildings. We have given them all the power they have. Without us, there is no them and us without guts, they'll be no US.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Great point, thanks.

salongirl03 said...

Great article. I actually feel sorry for Muslims, I think Satan uses them as a tool. It just angers me to see so many Americans fall for the lie! Appeasing Muslims/Islam will never bring about peace.