Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Tweets On 2nd Presidential Debate

Obama tried a little too hard to walk "confidently"

Again, look out for the words that Obama whispers, there's a whopper in there.

Obama is easy to listen to ... & Islam means peace

Lyin' Rat in chief

The spectacle of a congenital liar calling someone else a liar, repeatedly

Obama, the despeRat

I'd rather have Big Bird as president

Panderer in chief

The democrat besides Obama has cut off Romney 3 x's now

Is Obama's voice higher than usual? Is he trying That hard to pander to the woman's vote he's losing?

1 Republican vs 2 democRats, typical pres debate set up

Did Obama suck on some helium balloons b4 debate?

presiDebt, period

BO decided, "I need to lie my ass off more than usual tonight."


Democrat Tag Team vs Republican

"Government does not create jobs, "Government does not create jobs." - MR

Barack OcrowLie

democRat modeRator

Obama keeps giving Americans reasons to vote for -h̶i̶m̶- Romney

The room set aside 4 "reporters" @ the debate erupted in2 applause after Obama ridiculed the size of Romney's personal wealth. Envious rats

Yes We Candy

"Yes We Candy," said Obama to his debate partner b4 debate

Yes We Candy CrowLie really threw her weight around last night in order for her fellow democRats to be able to claim victory despite a loss.

Obama/Biden/DebateModerators 2012

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