Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Tweets During the Final Debate

The Commander in Speech's greatest lines are..... um ...... uh.......hmmmm

"I'm certainly not going to say [to Pukin'] I'll give you more "flexibility". After the election he'll get more backbone." - The prez to   BO

"Nothing you said was true." - Mythomaniac in chief

I think President Romney won

Obama: "In 4 years we've made real progress" (if your goal is to Destroy America)

Note to self: shower while tweeting pres debates, then hours after.

BO wants to stop the corruption in Muslim governments. The man who has corrupted our government more than anyone in history said that.

Whoever won this debate, we all lost

Droner in chief

Droner on chief

Obama talking about "credibility" is like a whore talking about chastity

Lying pos in chief projects again

When has Barack Hussein Obama ever expressed concern with a nuclear Iran? In this debate, weeks before the election.

"BlahBlahBlah (I think I need to say these "American" things in order for these Americans to help me remain in power)BlahBlahBlah." - BO

"...LieLieLieLieLieLieLieLieLie..." - BO

There it goes, moDerator questions the Republican, leaving the fellow democRat unchallenged


presiDebt BO wants to help Egypt build their economy. Again, I HOPE our enemies take his economic adVice

*Shocked* that Romney & not Obama mentioned Israel as an ally First

Spender in chief says we need to build up the economy of enemy states. I truly Hope they take economic advice from him

Our job is not to "help" the middle east cleanse themselves of "extremists", that's OUR job, Mitt

"Jihadists", Romney called the enemy, good, true, Never heard BO use that correct term

"I & (these god damn) Americans..." - BO, what a weird disconnection

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