Friday, November 09, 2012

My FIGHT Print for sale

This image is a slightly modified one from my first graphic novel, Table for One. It's the first image of mine that I thought about after America's loss on election day. We've got a long, four year fight ahead of us and this print says it better than anything I can write.

The print itself is 10-3/4" x 11", with white margins (total paper size approximately 13" x 13"). It's a Limited Edition of 150, signed and numbered on acid-free matte paper. The price is $17.50 plus shipping/handling (see total amounts, which include the print and shipping/handling, below).

Price of print including shipping/handling options


  1. Framed and hanging in my living room!! The subject matter will always be relevant--for authentic conservatives it is an ongoing fight for what is truly conservative, right and best for America. Thanks, Bosch, for the important work that you do. You have my ongoing support.

  2. If you put it on a T-shirt, people will buy it. (At least I know I will!)

    I'm just saying...