Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time To GO-p̶-?

The GOP, in the wake of losing again to Obama, looks primed to want to get in on the couch potato vote, the way Obama did, while pretending they're still for small government. If they think they need to do that in order to win, then they need to GO. Here are my tweets about all of this, from today:

GOP, as u pander 2 parasite voters, u alienate nonparasites. democRats got the parasite vote locked up, u Better start appealing 2 Americans

We need an opposition party to the democRats

I've got a novel idea, an American political party that appeals to Individual Americans

GOP: if u don't call parasites parasites, ur doing ur part 2 keep them from changing their parasitic ways. It's "disrespectful" NOT 2 say so

The American parasite is Fundamentally Un-American. Of course they'd vote for the most Anti-American president in U.S. history.

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Xenophore said...

We already have the opposition party that you describe: the Libertarian Party.