Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Calls For Plane Control After 9/11?

Of course not. But once again, guns, and not a murderer, are being blamed for the actions of a murderer. NFL player Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend, shooting her 9 times, and then killed himself. And that led the pathetic sports writer Jason Whitlock to write:

"...if [Belcher] didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today."

Which led the pathetic Bob Costass to read that pathetic line in an NFL halftime report, making a non-political story political. These rats made my blood boil and here's what I tweeted about it today:

The gun made him do it. - libs

We need mic control for Bob Costass

If BobCostass didn't possess a mic, 1/2Time SportsShows might b about sports. We need MicControl 4 blowhard SportsGuys calling 4 gun control

(tweeted to Whitlock)  if it weren't for guns, Osama bin Laden would be alive today.

 hey "genius", there's no gun control like dictatorship gun control. I know it's hard for you, but Try thinking for once

Gun control advocates, you've got Hitler on your side

People kill people, so we have to ban people.

Gun controllers don't go far enough: guns don't kill people, *people* kill people, so we should ban People, Starting with gun controllers.

Gun Control = People Control = Dictatorship

"Gun control"? Government control, politician control

Guns turn non-murderous people into murderers ... & Islam means peace

There were NO murders before guns ... & Islam means peace

Gun(law)s kill people

Guns make people kill ... & Islam means peace

Guns are Evil! (except those carried by the secret service & by celebrity bodyguards)

Mohammad was a sword control advocate ... & Islam means peace

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