Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gerard DepartAdieu

French actor Gerard Depardieu is leaving France over being hit with a 75 percent top marginal tax rate. In response, his pathetic taxers are smearing him as being "unpatriotic" and "pathetic". He responded to their attacks with a letter, putting them in their place. As a newspaper story titled "France Warms to Gerard Depardieu, the Heroic Exile" puts it:

For a few hours, the government spin doctors thought the French, whose deep mistrust of money is rooted in a dual heritage of Catholicism and unreconstructed Marxism, would join in the public shaming. It did not happen. An online poll conducted by the popular Le Parisien tabloid showed almost 70 per cent supporting the country’s wayward son and poster boy for glorious political incorrectness.

Bravo to Mr. Depardieu, I hope he inspires more than the French in his tax revolt. In discussing this story during a weekly podcast I take part in, I created the below pun.


Amy Lidster said...

most clever fellah! sees the art in the printed word and circles it back again

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you, sometimes these connections just pop out at me