Friday, December 14, 2012

Murderers Run Free Zone

The immoral need to Loudly advertise their "morality" -- see Muslims and Leftists for that. One of the ways the left does that is by placing "Gun Free Zone" signs at schools, which invite murderers to have their way with innocent victims without fear of any opposition. Leftists help murderers kill Far more people than they could otherwise, all in the name of making them feel "moral". They're so immoral, so morally insecure that they require Big, Loud public displays in their name. This morning, a scumbag murdered around 30 people, at least 18 of them children, at a Gun Free Zone school. We need to stop jeopardizing the lives of innocent human beings in order to make the guilty among us feel less guilty. I can write more about this, but I'm too pissed & I might start calling for Leftist Free Zones. As I wrote this past July after the Colorado massacre, we need Politician Control Now.

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