Sunday, December 29, 2013

Islam vs "Islamic Totalitarianism" debate follow up

I just did a short follow up on my debate with Yaron Brook at the beginning of this week's podcast that you can listen to here.

And here's another follow up from my Facebook status earlier today:

It's one thing to use different terms to distinguish between Muslims who are at war with us (I call them what they are, Jihadists) and Muslims who aren't, but quite another thing to create different terms for Islam. Jihadists aren't following a totalitarian version of Islam, they are following an ideology that is totalitarian by nature, Islam.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

"The charming aspect of Christmas is the fact that it expresses good will in a cheerful, happy, benevolent, non-sacrificial way. One says "Merry Christmas" -- not "Weep and Repent." And the good will is expressed in a material, earthly form -- by giving presents to one's friends, 
or by sending them cards in token of remembrance." - Ayn Rand

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Playing Muslim Roulette in Wartime

As some of you may know, yesterday I debated Yaron Brook about naming the enemy's ideology on Amy Peikoff's show, Don't Let It Go Unheard. (you can listen here) I've always called the enemy's ideology by the name its had for 1,300+ years, Islam. Yaron uses a number of terms- "Islamic Totalitarianism", "Totalitarian Islam", "Islamism", "Radical Islam"- sometimes interchangeably and sometimes using all of them back to back, which he then finishes off with "Whatever you want to call it", which in the debate I joked that it might as well be called "WhateverYouWantToCallitism". This debate about what to call the enemy's ideology has been an ongoing one, but Never in the Muslim world. And there are no competing Islam's across the world as some say there are, no Good Islam's vs Bad Islam's fighting for the "soul" of Islam. All Muslim sects sanction violent jihad, but one, the Ahmadiya sect, whose founder fancied himself a prophet, which discredits it, as Mohammad was the final prophet, according to islam. And its members are naturally murdered by Muslims for it.

The reason we're told we should be creating new terms to name this old ideology is so we don't lump in non-terrorist Muslims with terrorist Muslims. As I mentioned on the show near the end, a perfectly proper term to name the enemy is Jihadist - something that Yaron agreed was a good term to use - and I add, especially since it's not a post-9/11 concocted term and it fits right in with islam and its history. As for non-Jihadist Muslims? Why is it we who have to distinguish them from the jihadists? And how in the hell are we supposed to know which Muslims will go Jihad before they do? What have non-jihadist Muslims done to distinguish themselves from their more devout co-religionists? What have they done to prove to us that they mean us no harm? We're supposed to play Muslim roulette in the middle of a war being waged on us by Muslims, in order to protect Muslims who have not yet chosen sides a dozen years after 9/11? It's Their job to come forward, to Prove to Us that they mean us no harm. To start organizations, to do Whatever it Takes to Convince Us they're not in on it. That they haven't done so in any serious, obvious way speaks volumes. There are a handful of anti-Jihad Muslim individuals who I can think of, but they have no influence in their religion and no large following, if any.

I wrote a piece a couple of years ago that I think is my most comprehensive one on Islam, Muslims and Jihad, and one where readers can better understand my position. It's called
My Name is Bosch and I'm a Recovered Muslim 

Also, check out my essay Muslim Roulette

Update: Here's a follow up on my debate with Yaron Brook, on twitter. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fawstin vs Brook on Naming the Enemy's Ideology

Tomorrow Live on "Don't Let It Go Unheard". Details here. 

Debating Yaron Brook on Naming the Enemy's Ideology

Tomorrow, Fri. Dec. 20, I will debate/discuss the terminology we should use to name the enemy with Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute, on Amy Peikof's show, who will moderate it. I've written about this a number of times, most specifically in my piece "Calling Islam "Islam"", and tomorrow, I get to do so with someone who I admire, but who I've disagreed with about this since day one. I'm really looking forward to it. You can chime in live via chat room or by calling in tomorrow between 12-2pm Pacific time here

Here's Amy Peikoff on tomorrow's show:

"In the tradition of friendly debates among Objectivists, the second hour of tomorrow’s show will be a discussion between our own Bosch Fawstin and Yaron Brook about the terminology we should use to refer to the enemy’s ideology. Those of you who have heard my appearances as a guest host for Tammy Bruce may recall that I interviewed Leonard Peikoff about this topic in June. I’ve isolated that segment of the interview, which you can listen to here, in advance of tomorrow’s show. You may also want to read Bosch’s piece, “Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against the West,” in which Bosch lays out his case."

10 Truths Mainstream Comic Books Evade To Promote "Muslim Superheroes"

My latest piece at PJ Media takes on the SuperCowards at Marvel and DC Comics. Read it here.  Here's my opening text, introducing my 10 Truths:

"The Muslim terrorist is a cliché. But only in real life. And in post-9/11 comic books, “Muslim superheroes” are becoming a cliché. As a cartoonist and as a recovered Muslim working on an anti-Jihad graphic novel called The Infidel, featuring Pigman, I’ve identified certain truths that Marvel and DC Comics have to evade in order to shove their “Muslim superheroes” down the throats of their readers.
Before I move on to my list, I want to add that I put “Muslim superheroes” in quotes because Marvel and DC Comics want to promote “Muslim superheroes” without promoting Muslim superheroes. They want to promote their fantasy version of what they would like Muslim superheroes to be, not Islam’s version. As I’ve argued in my work, a good Muslim by our standards is a bad Muslim by Islamic standards. Therefore, a true Muslim superhero would be a Muslim supervillain." 

"You think … Islam … means peace?!…"

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From Action Comics to Affirmative Action Comics

Here's a tease from my latest article called 10 Truths Mainstream Comic Books Evade To Promote 'Muslim Superheroes'. It'll be up on PJ Media tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sign of The Times Language

The sign language interpreter who did Compassionate Communist Nelson Mandela's memorial has been called "inept" and "a fake" (isn't that "racist" since he's black? :) . Seeing what kind of creatures were there - politicians, terrorists, dictators- I can imagine the interpretor responding with, "Inept"? You try interpreting evil BS!" I think he should have stuck to the three signs below and repeated them throughout the speeches. At least some truth would have broken out at the proceedings. Here are my other Nelson Mandela posts.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Spy in chief

Looks like Obama has been playing spy games with "gamers" and they're livid.

Sodomy In the Name of Jihad

Sodomy Is Forbidden in Islam … Unless it's Done for Jihad. "Necessity makes the forbidden permissible" is an old Islamic line which means that Anything Goes, if it goes for Islam. Here's a story of a would-be suicide killer who wants to mAss murder infidels via a bomb placed up his butt, and is told by a Sheik that he must be repeatedly sodomized in order to make it fit. Y'know, in the name of Islam. You can't make this shiite up. Here's their actual exchange...

Barack the SyriaLiar

Monday, December 09, 2013

Smile Away Your Past

The Peaceful Terrorist. The Reluctant Monster. These are the terms that came to mind this week when reading the outrageous fawning over Nelson Mandela by leftists, and even some on the right. So we're to believe that Mandela is a Hero because he wasn't a villain? That he was a great leader because he's not Mugabe? Mandela has mainly gotten praise, on the right, for what he wasn't and for what didn't happen in South Africa, not for any great achievement of his. South Africa is a hellhole today, despite the "great" Mandela's stewardship for a number of years. But even those who admire him, like Joel Pollack from Breitbart, concede that Mandela had a violent past. In an interview with Mark Levin, Pollack said about Mandela:

"He believed in non-violence ... but when non-violence didn't work for him, he moved to violence. And so there are things that his movement did that would be considered terrorist... although they were not primarily attacking civilians, they were attacking infrastructure."

So Mandela believed in non-violence … until he didn't believe in non-violence. 

And Mandela and his fellow terrorists in the ANC didn't "primarily" target civilians. "primarily".

Innocent human beings were targeted and murdered. That should make any of his admirers- at least his non-leftist admirers- pause before praising him.

Here are a number of thoughts I tweeted and Facebooked about Mandela this past week:

Hey, Nelson, the Most important thing you can do is Smile. A Lot. They'll forget you ever were a communist terrorist. - Mandela's propagandists

Those trying to make the case that Mandela wasn't Anti-Israel: His being an admirer of Terrorist Yassir Arafat is as Anti-Israel as it gets

Nelson Mandela was the Greatest man who ever lived ... & Islam means peace.

Even a guest on Government Radio (NPR) -from the New York Times- just conceded that Mandela was a member of the Communist Party.

When the best thing one can say about a leader is, "Well, things could've been a Lot worse", you're accepting someone Far worse than you should.

The need for Heroes is so deep, people are sometimes willing to accept villains in the role.

Mandela?! It's SUPERMANdela or you're a Scum Racist!!!! - Mandelaphiles

How do you destroy the left's "heroes"? Quote them.

Nelson Mandela was in prison for his ideas ...... that the ends justify brutal means.

Bad people are good people too! - seems to be the gist of Mandela's defenders. His terrorism -if it's at all acknowledged by them- is referred to as if it were merely some kind of youthful infraction. Tell that to his victims. The willingness by some to overlook his terrorism, in order to focus on some out of context "good" he did, is shocking to me.

Mandelaphiles: one can't be a terrorist, then become friends with terrorists and dictators and be a good man, no matter how much- and for whatever damn reason- you need to believe it.

We've gone from Heroes to "well, he wasn't a monster anymore" (he just hung out with them).

How do we deal w/his terrorist past?
We ignore it. But he needs to smile like his life depends on it. ppl eat that $#!+ up - Mendelaphiles

I was looking for a story where Nelson Mandela renounced violence…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Yeah, he was a terrorist, a communist, he never renounced violence & hung out with terrorists and dictators, but goddammit, he was a hero! -Mandelaphiles

Since Mandelaphiles can't say he wasn't a terrorist, they lie or justify it, w/the Worst of them smearing good people in order to exalt him.

Chris(IWishIWasMichelle)Matthews called Nelson Mandela- once a Terrorist- "Perhaps the world's greatest hero". Yet called TedCruz Terrorist.

If you're on the right and you've praised Mandela in nearly identical terms as Obama has, you better check yourself.

"He has a complex history" is a new way of saying some1 u admire has a terrorist past. Used to be murdering innocent ppl condemned you 4ever.

You can be friends with terrorists and dictators and still be a good person, even a Hero … & Islam means peace

Check out what Mandela had to say about his friends, Arafat and Castro.

Obama's Cool with Iran Having a "Peaceful Nuclear Program"

Obama said that he can envision an agreement allowing Iran -the Greatest State Sponsor of Terrorism on Earth - to have a "peaceful nuclear program."

Below is a cartoon of mine from January 2010. Take a good look at the mushroom cloud.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Pearl Harbor

Before You Speak of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, You Had Better Speak of Pearl Harbor….

No attack on America, No Counterattack on Japan.

I have two words in response to those in the word balloon below (written by some punk on Facebook): 


A friend of mine added: "I can think of another pair of words that might be more appropriate for the punk…"

Friday, December 06, 2013

Mandela Means Peace...

…in an Islam means peace kind of way. The bullshit is flying wild right after Nelson Mandela died, and not just from leftists. Mandela was a Terrorist and a Communist and he naturally supported Terrorists and Communists. I don't give a rat's Ass what "good" he may have done outside of that, and the purpose of that "good" was to attempt to bury the bad, anyway, it wasn't good for goodness sake. The gist from Mandelaphiles today is-  Mandela?! It's SUPERMANdela or you're a Scum Racist!!!!  

I will add: Bad people are good people too! - seems to be the gist of Mandela's defenders. His terrorism -if it's at all acknowledged by them- is referred to as if it were merely some kind of youthful infraction. Tell that to his victims. The willingness by some to overlook his terrorism, in order to focus on some out of context "good" he did, is shocking to me.


… & Islam means peace.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Here's Your Leftist "Superhero"

A leftist writer at leftist Slate magazine asked the question, "Where's the left-wing superhero?" in a piece that trashes superheroes as fascists, even though the writer admits that he's addicted to superhero movies. Meaning, he'd hate left-wing superheroes Almost as much as he hates himself. Anyway, here's what I think a left-wing "superhero" would look like.

Benghazi Redux

Another American killed in Benghazi, even though the Obama administration has stated that "U.S. Relations with Libya have "normalized".

"Government is Us" Obama says, because Government is Force


"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington


"Government is Us." - Barack Obama

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bush Lied, People Died! Obama Lied, People Got Insured!!!

Obama Lies … for US?

From "I cannot tell a lie" to "I cannot tell a lie … from the truth."

From Honest Abe to Dishonest Barack. 

Everyone now knows what some of us knew before Obama became president. That there's not an honest bone in his body. He's always been a lying rat, and I've done many posts and cartoons on that. But now, when it's clear to all that he's a liar, his apologists are coming out in full force justifying his lies. With one particular Obamaphile saying: 

"Americans have said 'We can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we believe in his heart, he has the best interest for the American people." 

"Americans have said" ? Which Americans? Only Anti-Americans, if any. Here's the video of this hack, if you can stomach it. 

Monday, December 02, 2013

Donkey Rides Elephant

Here's an early rough I had for a logo for a Facebook page called "Republicans for Democrats". Check out my final design here. I wanted to post this because I keep hearing the left bitch about their so-called "opposition party" as if the GOP has done their job, as if they've fought Obama in any fundamental way. No. They've allowed the left to have their way with America for Decades. And the Tea Party is primed to finally put an end to that once and for all. Here's my idea for a Tea Party To Do List.

Friday, November 29, 2013

fLying on Hot Air

I was just thinking about how boring, how insufferable Obama is, in particular his speeches, and I thought of him as a hot air balloon. He has risen on lies. There's nothing solid about him, nothing real. The more you find out about him, the more you find out he lied about even more than you once thought he did. And he wants to take a once solid country - the greatest the world has ever known- and make it as empty as he is. Now, if he were the Hindenburg, he wouldn't burn and crash. Everything else around him would.


… & Islam means peace.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Barack the Face-ist

Can you identify immigrants by their faces? One of America's most well known celebrities claims he can, when he said something along the lines of - Hey, those people have immigrant looking faces - at another one of his insufferable speeches.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pathological Obama

A (Super)Hero (News) Sandwich

Amy Peikoff's latest piece at her new blog, News Sandwich, takes on superheroes and their real life enemies…

Superhero movies have enjoyed tremendous financial success in recent years.Writes Steven Zeitchik for the Los Angeles Times, who was focusing on the Thorsequel’s recent success, “Superhero sequels make bank. It’s more surprising these days when a film in this vein doesn’t work.” Part of the reason for this may be that people realize that there’s something very wrong in the world today, even if they don’t know quite what it is, and they need an escape. (Those of us who know what’s wrong with today’s world are also reading or re-reading Atlas Shrugged or, according to some sources, maybe even buying guns.) What most everyone knows, however, is the escape value of superhero movies. When done well — let’s just pretend Green Lantern never happened — they can be tremendously entertaining.
The success of superhero movies is not, however, entirely due to the “escape” factor. Again, when done well, they can be incredibly inspiring. Those of us who have contributed to their box office success in recent years (raise your hand if, like me, you have seen some of these films multiple times) know first-hand how inspiring they can be.
Some party-poopers, however, say that those of us who continue to enjoy superhero movies, comics, etc., are stuck in a delayed adolescence of some kind. Case in point: Alan Moore, who, ironically, made his living and established his fame because of his work with…superheroes. Read the rest here

Alan Moore Hates Superheroes

Alan Moore trashes older people who still like superheroes- and the very idea of superheroes- calling them "abominations"- because he says they were originally meant for 9 to 13 year olds. So this old punk wrote Watchmen for 9 to 13 year olds? V for Vendetta? The Killing Joke? What a dishonest blowhard. I think he's arrogant and stupid enough to have made himself believe that Watchmen was going to be the end of superheroes, as if no one had anything more to say about them after he had his say. Yet he's reminded every day that the idea of heroes, of superheroes, is alive and well, unlike him. Superheroes made Alan Moore, he then tried to unmake them, and unmade himself instead. What a pos. Here's the superasshole:

"I haven't read any superhero comics since I finished with Watchmen. I hate superheroes. I think they're abominations. They don't mean what they used to mean. They were originally in the hands of writers who would actively expand the imagination of their nine- to 13-year-old audience. That was completely what they were meant to do and they were doing it excellently. These days, superhero comics think the audience is certainly not nine to 13, it's nothing to do with them. It's an audience largely of 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-year old men, usually men. Someone came up with the term graphic novel. These readers latched on to it; they were simply interested in a way that could validate their continued love of Green Lantern or Spider-Man without appearing in some way emotionally subnormal. This is a significant rump of the superhero-addicted, mainstream-addicted audience. I don't think the superhero stands for anything good. I think it's a rather alarming sign if we've got audiences of adults going to see the Avengers movie and delighting in concepts and characters meant to entertain the 12-year-old boys of the 1950s."

Here's the Fool interview 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Banman Will Save Us...


Loki is a God in Norse mythology made popular in America by appearing in the Thor comic book by Marvel Comics for 50 years now. And the character was made even more popular by being portrayed by the excellent actor Tom Hiddleston in the Thor films and in The Avengers. Now, Obama is not a God, he's just "sort of" one. (said Newsweek editor in 2009 in below video) But in reading how Loki is described, and seeing him in action, Obama is far more than "sort of" like Loki. He's a lot like Loki. Loki is considered the God of trickery, mischief and change. A mischief maker. Fickle and false, clever and cunning. He is the trickster god. The Father of lies. While it's true that without lies, Obama wouldn't be where he is today, it's also true that without lies, he wouldn't be in the mess he's in today. And though there were a good number of Americans who knew Obama was a lying rat from day one, now a majority of Americans have come to that same conclusion

Sunday, November 24, 2013


This 2010 cartoon of mine came to mind after Obama and John Kerry did their best Nevill Chamberlain in their "historic" sell-out to Iran. Here's Amy Peikoff on it.

"Peace for our time" 2013

The World's Position On Iran

Our latest deal with the Islamic devils

UPDATE: We're allowing the greatest state sponsor of terrorism on earth to acquire $4 billion dollars in frozen assets, along with giving them a few billion more from us, making us literally funding terrorism against ourselves. I think I should have posted my illustration upside down. Story

News Sandwich

I designed the banner for Amy Peikoff's website Don't Let it Go … Unheardas well as the banner for her new website, News Sandwich, of which Amy writes:

"It’s easy to find–and focus on–bad news. The purpose of News Sandwich is to help readers tip the balance a bit, by sandwiching an item of bad news between two items of good news. Readers are not encouraged to ignore reality, but simply to remember that good things are happening as well, even in today’s world."

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Obamacare as "Knockout Game"

I just did a cartoon for a piece by Amy Peikoff, check out the full cartoon at her blog.