Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fun Control?

Americans Photoshop ‘Till They Drop After White House Warns Them Not To.

Barack Obama thought it was a good idea for his White House to send out an unflattering, pot-bellied picture of him shooting a rifle, in order to try to prove he wasn’t lying when he said he goes skeet shooting “all the time”. That’s bad enough, but then Americans were warned not to manipulate the picture or to use it for political reasons (the very reason it was used by Obama). Well, if Obama and his gang truly understood Americans, they’d know that we don’t take kindly to people in any kind of authority telling us not to do what we have the freedom to do, and that we’d take their warning as a challenge, while having some fun. To the left is my second take. Here was my first. And here are more from others...

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