Thursday, February 28, 2013

Naked Liar

The Empty Suit Has No Clothes. My take on Bob Woodward's criticism of Obama and the White House's threat against him. Click cropped image to see my full cartoon at Front Page Magazine.


SoulStraw3 said...

Shocking: Racists on the Right sinks to a new low of Accucation!

Whoever wrote the description needs to get out a dictionary. Bob Woodward was NOT intimidated. To be intimidated is to be worried/ to have been affected by someone’s ATTEMPT to intimidate, but they had only actually threatened him, yet he didn’t flinch. Get it?? Good GAWD man!! What are our schools teaching these days?? Nothing??

So Larry Davis is stating that he was “threatened in the same way that Woodward was threatened?” Oh, you mean not at all. Sperling stated that Woodward would look foolish by his statements about sequestration. And, in fact, Woodwards’ misinformation about sequestration does make Woodward look foolish. It is a shame that Woodward’s noble career looks like it will end in an ignoble way.

Are you getting paid by the Koch brothers to attack commenters? I am 100% right. Even the Daily Caller concedes that they were punked after seeing Spergel’s letter. The only group that is still writing that Woodward was threated were the not too bright brats at Breitbart. But, these are the same FEMA coffins, Agenda 21, paranoid delusionals who just make up stories. So, the “Chicago Thug” must be a “thug” because he did not engage in any thuggery — how subtle!

His piece was factually wrong, but then Woodward took the story in a crazier direction by saying that he was threatened via email by someone high up in the White House over that piece. Politico released the email in question and it revealed that Woodward over-hyped the “threat” because it wasn’t a threat at all. He just wanted to keep the story alive.

So Woodward tells Sperling that their earlier scuffle is no big deal in his email response and then goes on to tell journalists that he was being threatened in the same email. I have two words that describes Bob in this instance:

Lying #$%$.

I thought teabillies believe that Obama was Kenyan? How does Obama find the time to be an Communist, African-Born, socialist, Mau Mau, secret Muslim, Chicago machine, Marxist? That must take a big chunk of his day being all of these things.

What’s disgsuting is that you racist azzholes write as if The President of the United States threathened Bov Woodard HIMSELF!!! There was a veiled threat by a White House staffer. NOT by Obama himself!

You #$%$ are desperate to find a crack!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Nice to see such an Obama bitch be so worried. You should be.