Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Political Correctness (Truth Control)

I tweeted yesterday, "Political Correctness aka Truth Control". The left does this via language, propaganda, etc. PC was concocted in order to get the truth and truth-tellers out of the way so the left can shove their lies about human nature down our throats. For without lies, what is the left? The same thing goes for Islam and Muslims in what I call their push for Islamic Correctness.

Along these lines, you've likely heard about an increasingly popular individual named Ben Carson who just hit the national stage, railing against political correctness. He's a doctor, literally a Brain Surgeon, and he decided to take the opportunity at The National Prayer Breakfast - with Obama sitting a few feet away- to tell the truth as he saw it, about America's problems and what can be done about them. Obama did not appreciate it one bit, as you can pick up from the video of it. And in his latest of many new interviews, Dr. Carson tells us that Obama and his gang "repeatedly requested advanced copies of [his] speech" beforehand" and he told them that he didn't have any copies, that he doesn't use teleprompters, etc. :)

And so I thought I'd add to my "The Shadow Knows" series the below graphic.

The Shadow Knows


The Bow Tie Conservative said...

This is genius. So spot on. This is the problem with political correctness distilled to its essence. Awesome.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, glad you like it.

hellosnackbar said...

Political correctness is Gramscian Marxism thar has been inculcated into culture by sociology shits.
It's my view that phoney social science should be stripped bare and thrown out of all teaching institutions.
Sociologists should be educated according to the logic of common sense as demonstrated by the maestro George Orwell.
Freedom and Liberty is the right to tell others that which they may not wish to hear !
Islam should be the subject of continued satire featuring imaginary Allah and malevolent Mo!

hellosnackbar said...

The howling fact of political correctness is that dogma trumps common sense!