Friday, March 01, 2013

Andrew Breitbart: Fighter

Andrew Breitbart died a year ago today, March 1. I drew this within a half hour of hearing the news early that morning. His first response to an email I sent him was " I LOVE PIGMAN!" Made my day. I ended up creating cartoons for his Big Hollywood website until I had a falling out with the editor over our different responses to the Fort Hood Massacre. I contacted Andrew to see where we stood after that break, and while he didn't like what happened, in particular my calling out Big Hollywood's weak response to the Fort Hood Massacre in the comments section of BH, he was willing to talk it out. Even though I saw him in person a number of times, I regret that we never got a chance to really talk it out, so I could explain to him why I felt as strongly as I did about Fort Hood. He was a Fighter through and through and the moment I heard he died, I knew that FIGHTER would be the point of my illustration of him. This piece ended being auctioned off on Greg Gutfeld's FOX News show Red Eye for $5000 which went to Breitbart's Children's Fund.

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