Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Stand with Rand, AYN RAND

While Rand Paul's "Randpage" was very nice to see, filibustering for 13 hours, we know he inexplicably voted to confirm the despicable Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense after standing against him. Paul also suggested that Obama should get to appoint whoever he wants, without acknowledging that Barack Benghazi Obama is not politics as usual, that he makes even Jimmy Carter look like a patriot. I truly don't know if he'll stand against Obama and Brennan in the end since he has proven himself to be a politician. I can't Stand politicians, and I sure as hell can't stand with politicians - only Non-politicians in political office are the ones who are going lead us out of the mess politicians put us in. And so I cannot #StandWithRand. But come 2016, if he's up against a Hillary, or whichever loser wins the Democrat ticket, while I can't Stand with Rand Paul, I might vote for him, but with the full understanding that he's only better than the worst the other side has to offer and that he'll likely hurt us less than they would.

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