Friday, March 01, 2013

"The Problem Is" "I'm Not King" "I'm Not a Dictator" & "I'm not Emperor" - Obama

Today, Barack Benghazi Obama answered a dumb question about why he doesn't basically force Congress to act, with these words, "I'm not dictator." And two weeks ago, he answered another question with "The problem is … I'm not Emperor of the United States." -- "The Problem". There's a pattern here. We've got a frustrated dictator in the white house. Obama's favorite religion and his favorite ideology require having dictators, so it's natural that he'd have the dictatorial tendency. We need to keep him frustrated as can be in the next four years. Update: he also felt a need to once say "I'm Not King."

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D.Eris said...

The problem isn't what he isn't, it is what he is.