Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Over 1000 Comments for my piece, Calling Islam "Islam" … so far

I've noticed that more people are at least open to the possibility (fact) that it's Islam, not some alleged deviant form of it, that's behind all the horror going on in the world, and the response to my piece confirms it. There's something about the jihadist attack in Boston, that, outside of the scumedia, has struck a particular chord with Americans, one that is making us a little less tolerant of all the Islamicrap getting in the way of our understanding of the threat we face. The Muslim commentators to my article are doing what they always do when the truth about Islam hits; lie their asses off about their religion, to themselves and to others. I love that my piece has struck up a series conversation about the name game we're playing with Islam. I have, for Years, called Islam by its name, despite having friends and allies who use their own pet terms to my disappointment. Not saying Islam only helps Islam, and protects it from the condemnation it deserves. If you haven't read my piece yet, read it and come to your own conclusion. I think I've made as good an argument as I can make about why we should call Islam Islam, but if you disagree, make your counter-argument and let's keep this conversation going until I win, which means we All win. :)

UPDATE: Comments are currently at 1232 and going.
UPDATE: Now at 1399.
UPDATE: 1547

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