Saturday, April 27, 2013

"islaMist" the Point

I reject the terms "Islamism", "Islamist". I choose to use the proper terms Islam, Jihad, Sharia Law, Muslim, Jihadist, etc., when dealing with all things Islam. And I do so in order to not get into the business of pretending that it's any kind of extra form of Islam that would spread it politically. Islam is a political religion & it was spread by Muslims for centuries before the word "Islamist" entered the scene. The separation of Mosque and State is unheard of in the Muslim world. This is Orthodox Islam, Not "Islamism". The word "Islamism" suggests that this is a new phenomenon, it's Not. The world's premier "Islamist" group (those who we are told want to spread Islam politically, as if that's not already part of Islam's DNA) is The Muslim Brotherhood, NOT The "islamist" Brotherhood. We need to stay on Point. And so it's crayon time again.


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