Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Terrorist Bill Ayers: From Bombs to Obama

My latest at Front Page Magazine, on what I think is the one reason Obama should have never gotten anywhere near the White House. Click cropped image to see full cartoon/post.

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GentleIslam said...

††† Hello Bosch! I'd seen your art and featured it on some of my BanIslamNOW Crusade sites such as:

When I saw the link to your first speech ever, I wondered if the man, Bosch, would be a contrast to Pigman or exhibit the same intensity.

Flash forward to your appearance on the daily show: Clearly YOU ARE NOT ONE with whom to be TRIFLED. I was afraid for the Muslim. I saw fear in his eyes & felt the war between you. On his side, the disgusting misuse of humor to further evil in the world. On your side - plainly stated truth: Islam kills, so we must KILL ISLAM.

In your Sept. 27 speech, your seriousness was like a knife. When a man is on a crusade to save the world, to save little girls' lives - you can SEE IT AND FEEL IT. I see that YOU ARE PIGMAN. I know in your heart you would give your life to vanquish the incessant engine of global horror & murder: Islam. The only other men I know of similar oratory power and unmitigated focus on destroying Islam are Christopher Hitchens, Geert Wilders and Daniel Greenfield. You have joined the ranks of MY HEROES. (FrontpageMag is unrivaled in the fight for righteousness.)

I see all this in you, because the WILL TO KILL ISLAM also lives in me. We are brothers in a fight to the death.

If you want to turn one of the sites below into a collaboration featuring your Crusade/Work/Novels, please let me know.

Your ally:
Russell Douglas

~~~~~A mere sample of my fight:
Please End the Barbarian Holocausts † † † † †