Wednesday, May 08, 2013

"Artist Profile: Bosch Fawstin's Political Pop Art"

I caught wind that a website called Seen-Heard-Known had written up a profile on me and my work. The write up is so outrageously complimentary, I'm almost embarrassed to link to it. Almost. It's so over the top, it's fun, and I do appreciate the author's enthusiasm. Though I don't like how the term "Militant Islam" was put in my mouth, because as many of you know, I eschew any and all Islamisnomers and I see "Militant Islam" et al, as redundant. From the opening of the piece:

"Hijacking political correctness and flipping sacred scripts, Bosch Fawstin is the provocative pop illustrator causing a stir. L’ENFANT terrible. Culture vulture. Political Pop artist. Secular theorist. Bosch Fawstin’s life makes for an intriguing story: born into a Muslim family and now a bona fide infidel, the visionary artist critiques the “temper tantrum” of Islamic terrorism. Speak to any comic geek, graffiti head, advertiser, news junkie, graphic designer or illustrator and chances are that they will have heard of Bosch Fawstin." Read the rest…

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X said...

Wow, great article. Captures, in essence, you and your work.

"Hijacking political correctness and flipping scripts." Love it.

Beautiful work with a powerful purpose.