Thursday, May 02, 2013

Drawing Mohammad While Giving a Speech About Islam

I drew the below drawing of Mohammad in the middle of my speech to The Federalist Society at the University of Baltimore School of Law. As Nicholas Provenzo, the organizer of the event, generously puts it: 

"But in one of the most riveting acts I have ever seen on an academic stage, Fawstin did something that I find truly courageous. He drew a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad.

Why did Fawstin draw an image of Muhammad? Because he says Islam forbids it—and Islam holds no sway in Fawstin’s life. And why was Fawstin’s act courageous? Because everyone knows—or ought to know—that Islamic belief calls for Muslims to strike people like Fawstin dead.

Some proponents of Islam argue that not every Muslim would actually attempt to murder Fawstin for his apostasy or his drawing of Muhammad. As Fawstin himself put it, “most Muslims are morally better than the prophet they claim to follow.”

Here are my drawings of Mohammad when I'm not giving a speech.


menosuno said...

¡Ole tus huevos!

defendit said...

Humor.and ridicule is the Very well done friend.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you