Monday, May 13, 2013

THE INFIDEL #2, featuring PIGMAN, Will Be Available on ComiXology This Wed. May, 15, 2013

Chapter two of THE INFIDEL will be available on the ComiXology digital comic book reading app this Wed. May, 15, 2013. Here's what I wrote recently about The Infidel being accepted on the app:

I'm happy to announce that my serialized graphic novel, THE INFIDEL, featuring PIGMAN, can now be read on the COMIXOLOGY digital comic book reading app. The app has an option to isolate and zoom in on each panel separately while reading. I've been reading most of my comics on their app in the last year and it's Great to see my work on it. Kudos to Comixology for accepting a book that's been rejected by all editors and publishers I approached. Hopefully by it being on the popular app, it will lead to a larger audience for the book and I can finally get the third issue out sooner than later. You can download The Comixology App and read THE INFIDEL on your iPad or eBook reader of your choice, or even on your iPhone. Or you can simply download THE INFIDEL #1 at this link and read it on your desktop. If you get a copy, please leave ratings in the ratings option, I really want to give The Infidel the best shot I can at making it a viable series. In the end, I want to finish the 6 to 7 chapters and ultimately collect them all in a pigskin-leather bound full graphic novel as I always intended it to be. Thank you.

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