Tuesday, May 28, 2013


If Superman villain, Zod, was limited to political power…

In one of the TV spots for Man of Steel, Zod is heard justifying his violent actions by saying they're for the greater good. There is out and out physical destruction, and then there's political destruction, Obama style, all in the name of the "greater good" of course. Obama is the most powerful man in the world and he has done everything he can to weaken us, like a comic book villain would if he couldn't outright destroy us in one shot.


Pleiades said...

The "greater good" is one of the most destructive phrases in the English language. It's so deceptive in that it is made up of two very positive words, thus effectively lulling people into accepting any action carried out on its behalf. The greater good is the engine on the runaway train of collectivism.

I love that this political piece uses pop culture to such great effect. It will make the up-and-coming generation think about the concepts of liberty before they know what hit them!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Well put, and thank you.

SoulStraw3 said...

No doubt about it! Anyone who hates this man IS a racist AND a bigot AND a black hating extremist!
Imagine how much better we would be doing if we didn't have the GOP dragging behind us as an anchor. If they had actually tried to govern, instead of just trying to destroy the economy to try to hurt Barack, then we would be in much better shape. The economy is growing and unemployment is down, in spite of the GOP trying to stop it, simply because they don't like the man.

The nerve of this bullheaded, fact-ducking simpleton to sit in front of her Microsoft Word and have the gall to suggest Obama is either a liar or incompetent. Someone much smarter than she is at that — not to mention a man who stuck around his job versus quitting his mid-way through.

Left out of this equation was the obvious reality that the Republicans remain determined to destroy Obama’s presidency and that the National Rifle Association won’t let anyone pry Congress from its cold dead hand.

There's no reason to think Obama is gay. Since he's a liberal, he would not likely have bothered closeting himself if he were, which he is NOT!

this type of hateful garbage is indicative of a bigger picture. Since the election of President Barack Obama, followed by the emergence of the ultra-conservative Tea Party, the so-called conservative movement has quickly evolved into an extremist ideology – a fact-free zone where emotions have replaced reason. Emotions like fear, anger, hate, and greed – none of which have any logical basis. Every single day there are millions of right-wingers hating, distorting, maligning an Obama law or policy or tying the President to every scandal under the sun. At this very moment, there is an ignorant right winger ranting about his taxes going to assist the so-called “lazy” poor, or screaming about paying for healthcare coverage that includes birth control for so-called “sluts”, or promoting anti-immigrant paranoia against so called “criminals” who are here illegally – all this while STILL, till this day, there are those insisting that the President’s birth certificate is a forgery.

This President has been a target of hate-filled narratives for the last five years..

Between what they are being fed by right-wing politicians, talk radio, and Fox News, conservatives have allowed themselves to be turned into misinformed, angry, and irrational tools. They equate American patriotism to being racist and xenophobic (Obama is a Muslim!); they equate tradition to being intolerant of other cultures; proud achievement to greed is good; women’s rights to remaining barefoot and pregnant and transvaginal ultrasounds; and if you are unemployed and poor – that becomes grounds for laziness and dehumanization.

The right’s latest attempt is hiding behind actual black
conservatives like Allen West, Herman Cain, etc. But these CONS are only using
them as scapegoats and shields to hide their racism behind, but to mention they
like them because they think like white conservatives, thus given the name
“House Negro” or “Uncle Tom” because they believe if blacks
don’t think like them, that means they want to be slaves to the government forever.