Sunday, August 18, 2013

Americans' To Undo List

In the thin, but VERY long graphic to the left is a list that I formatted of Federal Government Administrations, Agencies, Boards, Bureaus, Centers, Commissions, Departments, Institutions, Offices and Public Services that we Must begin to take a good, hard look at and find ways to undo (except for the few that are important).

I wanted the list to be legible as formatted, but blogger will not display it large enough for you to read it, that's how long the list is. You can read the rap sheet here.

In his new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic, Mark Levin proposes -among 11 amendments- one that takes on the Federal Bureaucracy in a way that could begin to unravel it if implemented. I'm excited by his book, and it's got the statists in both parties afraid of what it could do to their illegitimate power.

Keep in mind that this list was updated on August of 2012so no doubt there are a good number more of them that have been created under Obama. If someone has an updated one, please let me know. For now, feast your eyes on this beast, one that we have to put down before we're devoured. 

Sometimes seeing is believing, and I would love to take this list, printed on a loooong sheet, and display it at a Tea Party event, and I think others should do so as well.


AE said...

I surmise that this list is an abbreviated version of what we're really facing; agencies within the agencies within the agencies etc..

If the government posts this openly, imagine what actually lurks beneath? Frightening.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Exactly, sub-agencies, etc., And unlike Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and, when he's not giving us reason to dismiss him, Rand Paul, most in the republican party are totally fine with the goings on of our government, revealing them to be as statist as the democrats.