Friday, August 23, 2013

Bat Actor Ben Affleck

My tweets after I found out that Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel:

Ben Affleck Is The New Batman ... & Islam means -Oh Wait

Warner Bros executive says: "We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on" Batman... & then they hire mediocre actor Ben Affleck.

When I think of "Great Actor" I think of Ben Affleck ... & Islam means peace.

The Onion is reporting that Ben Affleck is playing Batman

Ben Affleck has two Oscars, none for acting. And now he's playing Batman after Christian Bale. To those who didn't like Bale. You Will.

Warner Brothers hires a good director to play Batman. Will they hire a good actor to direct the film? A good costume designer to compose it?

The Onion is suing Warner Brothers for casting Ben Affleck as Batman.

Batman has gone from having no powers to having no acting skills.

Ben Affleck's a Bat actor

"Miss me yet?" - George Clooney, reacting to Ben Affleck being cast as Batman

See how Ben Affleck prepares for a role.

And here's a song that understands how badly Affleck needs acting school….

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