Monday, August 05, 2013


In the world of my first graphic novel, Table for One, Cyrano de Bergerac is playing on Broadway. I've been frustrated that there hasn't been as great a performance of Cyrano as Jose Ferrer gave in the 1950's film version (see below), but then it just hit me that it takes a very special actor to play such a special hero. Can Robert Downey Jr. play Cyrano in a film version today? Hugh Jackman? Maybe, I'd pay to see it. I saw the Gerard Depardieu version, but I don't remember much from it, and while he's appropriately French, I see Cyrano as svelte, in shape, not at all like Depardieu. Below is a larger, tweaked version of my drawing of Cyrano from Table for One, and below it might be the best segment in the film. 
Might, as the entire film is great.

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I.M Fletcher said...

I love Cyrano and the Jose Ferrer film as well, Great stuff. I also have the Depardieu version but, as you say, I don't watch it much, being that it is in French with subtitles and all. I think that, being poetry, it must be spoken in one's own language to be savoured.

Of course, Steve Martin's movie 'Roxanne' is based on Cyrano. It's not bad, but played even more as a comedy.