Thursday, August 01, 2013

̶G̶O̶P̶- RIP

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Galt'sGulchResident said...

Hey Bosch, how are you? any chance of you and your readership accepting some *unsolicited advice*?

You make the critique but provide no alternative - that makes it incomplete.

Try to make the logical-leap to the next ledge. That being not GOPs vs Dems but:

Objective vs. non-Objective

It may be a few years/generations down the road but keeping ahead of the curve never hurt anyones long-term future.
Then you and your audience can more easily make the transition to Atlantis where it becomes discussion/debate in the purest form:

Good vs. Evil

wrt Man...
... and when its like this; the *outside world* doesn't matter.

And I mean it.

Francisco Carlos Domingo Andres Sébastiàn d'Anconia