Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Howard Zinn was an Anti-American communist who tried to pass himself off as an "historian". Here's what he said about his work:

“I wanted my writing of history and my teaching of history to be a part of social struggle. I wanted to be a part of history and not just a recorder and teacher of history. So that kind of attitude towards history, history itself as a political act, has always informed my writing and my teaching.”

In other words, he was always ready, willing and able to lie his ass off about history in order to push an Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Pro-Communist agenda, and doing so as an activist. And this rat bastard's main target was children, to poison their minds before they had the ability to see through his bs.

Look no further than those who idolize him- Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Matt Damon- to see the results of his poisonous teachings. All three have gone Full Zinn. Damon's former mind had the misfortune of being poisoned by Zinn at a young age when they were neighbors. And there are those who want to keep Zinn's work alive enough to poison the minds of American kids so they end up like Matt Damon in Team America: World Police

Here's a Wall Street Journal piece on this pos from today.

Here's the rap sheet on poiZINN

Never Go Full Zinn


Zilla said...

Excellent art & commentary, Bosch!

I remember a "conservative" facebook "friend" tried to tell me that I should read Zinn's stuff for "the truth", and I was not yet familiar with HZ so I did some research and then decided that the person who'd recommended him as a source for "truth" wasn't someone I wanted to deal with.

Off-Topic: is it just a coincidence that this Howard Zinn character seems to me to resemble Ron Paul in appearance?

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, and yeah, he does resemble Ron Paul, come to think of it, there's a Ron Paul cartoon I did called "The Giggler" that definitely resembles this.