Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drawing Allah

I've drawn Mohammad a number of times over the years. I figured it was time to draw his God.


TL Winslow said...

Allah is an ASS CLOWN, like Pennywise in Stephen King's IT. So where's the clown makeup? :)


Pastorius said...

You forgot the Arab Chorus of voices inside his head.

Rick Kiessig said...

I always imagined Allah to look more like this:


except his weapon is the Koran (aka the "book of lies").

Abdi Hussein said...

I didn't expect much from the uneducated.

Tallulah said...

Of course, once you've seen Mohammad,you've seen the real author of the Quran.

Tallulah said...

Abdi, Bosch and a lot of his friends have been reading Islamic literature and history for a long time. We know what the Quran and the Hadith say, and we know that they are *not* friendly to independent intelligence and honest dissent. We know that Islam calls for death for those who leave the religion. We know the Hadith stories of Mohammad having those who mocked him killed.

And we know that a doctrine that commands believers to subjugate or kill unbelievers when it will advance Islam's rule over more of humanity is an evil doctrine. It is a man-made doctrine, the kind made by human beings who aim to impose a totalitarian system on others.

Bosch and friends know that not all Muslims are well read in their own religion. We know that many Muslims have their own, friendlier version of their religion, and that other Muslims aren't really interested in their religion in any deep way. We don't condemn all Muslims just because we know that the Islamic literature is full of hatred and condemnation and violence towards the Unbelievers.

But we also know that the jihadists who are on the march all over the world are serious about imposing the full force of the Quran on us all, and that they are serious about following Mohammad's example.

And we mean to stop them.

BruceinFalkirk said...

What is your point?

Are you going to tell us that Islam is not totalitarian?

It is.

Abdi Hussein said...

Tallulah, please provide evidence for your statements. I can guarantee that they have not read the Quran in its true text and the 300,000 hadith(s!) Of which 100,000 are authentic. I am not a theologian nor am I muslim, but religion and history are my two passions. When someone makes false claims, it truly saddens me. May the Great Architect guide you all to reason.

Maria Girls said...

tl winslow your a ass hole clown and a fat bitch mind your bussness and you should never draw any prophet or allah! who do you guys think you are