Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Do We Keep Looking At You?

Maybe because you might as well be wearing a headscarf full of swastikas.

I can't stand seeing Muslim women in America dressed in Full Islamic gHarb, with some even dressing in Full Burka's, and then hear them bitching about how people look at them. The fact that Muslims have been murdering non-Muslims Every Single Day for the last 1,300+ years, not to mention 9/11, might have something to do with how we look at them in a certain way. Wear your prison clothing and we'll look at you the wrong way. We are at War, a war being waged on civilization by Islam's consistent practitioners, by Islam's heroes, the jihadists, and some of those killers have worn headscarves and burkas. In other words, seeing very easily recognizable Muslims reminds us of the war we're in, and I think these creatures know exactly what they're doing, trying to scare and intimidate infidels, just for the hell of it, to get off. This graphic is my response to a video a friend sent my way. I watched only about a minute or two because I wanted to keep my lunch.


Mullah Lodabullah said...

More great work!

Mark Berlinger said...

The Hijab is the “in your face” advertising of a woman's mandatory submission to a seventh century cult. The black flag, minarets and the veil indicate that Islam rules in this place. [Thank you Bosch Fawstin. Your drawing enlightens!]

Bagus Pala said...

Ja mate keep the enlighting work
We Katholik from Indonesie, were prepares war either, for them were getting more and more brute onto others
Just avoid Indonesie from your tourist or other destination, except for war fighting those Muzzies