Monday, October 21, 2013

"Restraint" Is Not A Rallying Cry, Jeb

Jeb Bush presented Hillary Clinton with the 2013 Liberty Medal (for what?) and said she's a "formidable opponent". Hillary Clinton. Now, about Ted Cruz and his fight against Obamacare, Jeb Bush says that Cruz should "have a little bit of self-restraint". "Restraint". Does he mean the kind of "restraint" he shows in his food intake? The kind of "restraint" his brother showed toward Jihad? Towards spending and growing of government? The kind of "restraint" that his father showed in his campaign against Clinton? The decades and decades of "restraint" that the GOP has shown towards the left, allowing them to bring us to the brink? The idea that America might suffer through another Bush vs Clinton….

Post 9/11, post-Obama, Americans are Fed Up with candidates on the right who are too "restrained" to fight our enemies, too "restrained" to fight the left and too "restrained" to fight for the American people. We have a smart, tough fighter in Ted Cruz, and anything but Cruz 2016 will be a disappointment. 

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