Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If You Like My Art, Don't Remove My Name From It & Try To Pass if Off As Your Own

Over the years, I've seen people rip off my designs, remove my name from my art before they post it online, and even use aspects of my art as components of their graphics, but then they try to pass them off as their own. A friend of mine on twitter had the sharp eye to catch the latest one, and check out my give and take with the thief and my friends here. It's my work, but he denies it is, lies about it and even suggests suing me over it. Here are four of the most obvious ones over the years.

UPDATE: Twitter took care of business by removing the theif's avatar (the Obama one below in red) of my art and replacing it with a big, fat green question mark with the words "disputed avatar replacement." Thanks, Twitter.

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1389 said...

The Gizmodo one is perhaps debatable. The others are open and shut instances of plagiarism, with no question about it whatsoever.