Monday, November 25, 2013


Loki is a God in Norse mythology made popular in America by appearing in the Thor comic book by Marvel Comics for 50 years now. And the character was made even more popular by being portrayed by the excellent actor Tom Hiddleston in the Thor films and in The Avengers. Now, Obama is not a God, he's just "sort of" one. (said Newsweek editor in 2009 in below video) But in reading how Loki is described, and seeing him in action, Obama is far more than "sort of" like Loki. He's a lot like Loki. Loki is considered the God of trickery, mischief and change. A mischief maker. Fickle and false, clever and cunning. He is the trickster god. The Father of lies. While it's true that without lies, Obama wouldn't be where he is today, it's also true that without lies, he wouldn't be in the mess he's in today. And though there were a good number of Americans who knew Obama was a lying rat from day one, now a majority of Americans have come to that same conclusion

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