Sunday, November 10, 2013

Marvel & DC Comics Submit to Islam

Question for Marvel & DC Comics: I know you've both introduced a number of Muslim superheroes in your comic books since 9/11, but will you Ever consider introducing Muslim supervillains as well? If so, you need to understand that Islam's heroes are our villains. That these "Muslim" superheroes you're peddling represent Islam in the same way Obama represents American Exceptionalism. A good Muslim, by Our standards, is a Bad Muslim by Islamic standards. You're engaging in enemy propaganda and you're doing so in the middle of a war being waged on us by Islam's true believers. But after 12 years of this Islamicrap, I've come to accept that the medium I love, the medium where I first learned about heroes, is being run by people who are as brave and as bold as Washington politicians.

Below is how Pigman's arch enemy, SuperJihad, first appears in The Infidel #2

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