Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oprah, Born Again Racist

Oprah Winfrey, from self-made Billionaire who transcended race to Al Sharpton in a skirt. Disgraceful.

She says that opposition to Obama is based on racism. And what's her continued support for Obama based on, merit? I am Sick of this crap. Here's more from the born again racist. 

And here's a short video of Oprah Sharpton pulling this racist crap.

Let me add that this racist says that Now is the time for films on slavery and racism? As if there haven't been films on these topics before her involvement in a few of them? There've been many films on race and slavery, on the Civil War, etc., and I remember very well the TV series, Roots, which was nearly 40 years ago. Oprah succeeded in an incredible way for reasons that had nothing to do with her race, and now she's just a race hustler. What a big, fat disappointment.

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