Monday, November 04, 2013

Tea Party or +ea party?

UPDATE 3/19/2014: Mark Levin was respectfully challenged on his show by a caller the other day about his new religious litmus test for GOP candidates, and Levin had nothing but contempt for the member of his "beloved audience" by calling him an "intolerant" "punk" "ass" before and after he hung up on him. That Really pissed me off and tells me that religion has a Far bigger hold on "Mr. Constitution" than he led his listeners to believe.

I got to thinking about what unites The Tea Party and what hurts it and I just tweeted this:

In terms of religion, how many suckers fell for Obama because he claims to be Christian? Keep religion out of politics, especially Tea Party

I followed up on Facebook with:

My favorite talk show host, Mark Levin, just talked up a republican candidate by mentioning his religiosity First & his Tea Party affiliation last. The Tea Party appeals to Americans who are FED up with Washington at large, that's what brings the party together. Not religion. The more Tea Party groups and supporters push religion, the more they push secular patriots away. Now, I think, by the way he speaks, that Levin wrongly equates "religion" with morality, as do a good number of the better religious conservatives, but they need to understand that morality existed before religion, that it's far bigger and important than religion -even to Themselves- despite what they believe.

And here's a recent note I wrote on Facebook along similar lines:

As an atheist, the reason I Cannot support Ted Cruz is because he is religious and against abortion and gay marriage. Therefore, since those issues are the only issues that matter, I Must support someone who is Not religious & who is for abortion & gay marriage, Barack Obama ... & Islam means peace. Most Americans are religious, as are the conservatives I admire most, namely Mark Levin and Ted Cruz. But abortion and gay marriage are not their main concerns; doing their part to restore our Constitutional Republic is. Levin rarely mentions social issues on his show and opted to stay clear of social issues in his book, The Liberty Amendments. And I can't recall Cruz discussing these issues in his 21-hour filibuster or any of his recent radio & television appearances since. And let's say that Cruz becomes president and attempts to force his religious beliefs on the country; he can be fought and will be fought, the way Obama is being fought. Ted Cruz read extensively from Ayn Rand, not the bible, during his filibuster. He has called Ayn Rand, an atheist, one of his "all time heroes." As a religious person, Cruz overlooks Rand's atheism because he shares some very important values with her, namely a love for America and the concept of limited government. And because of Cruz's great value to the country today- a republican who is willing to Fight and be called a "terrorist" for it by democrats and republicans, yet remain unflappable- I admire him despite his religiosity, as he admires Ayn Rand despite her atheism.

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