Thursday, December 12, 2013

"I Thought Obamacare Was Supposed To Be, Like, Free"


menosuno said...

Welcome to Cinderella world!!


s3vel2 said...

From Garry Kasparov's facebook page:

"This recommendation by Sebelius to use Obamacare website on off-peak hours immediately reminded me of a classic Soviet joke:

Brezhnev is addressing the leaders of the Soviet space program. "Comrades, we were first into space but now the Americans have landed on the Moon. To surpass them, we are now planning to land on the Sun!"

"But, but, Comrade General Secretary," said one engineer nervously, "won't we burn up?"

"Do you think the Politburo are idiots?!" replied Brezhnev. "We will time the landing for winter, and at night!"

Patrice Stanton said...

Classic quote @ 2:41