Sunday, December 22, 2013

Playing Muslim Roulette in Wartime

As some of you may know, yesterday I debated Yaron Brook about naming the enemy's ideology on Amy Peikoff's show, Don't Let It Go Unheard. (you can listen here) I've always called the enemy's ideology by the name its had for 1,300+ years, Islam. Yaron uses a number of terms- "Islamic Totalitarianism", "Totalitarian Islam", "Islamism", "Radical Islam"- sometimes interchangeably and sometimes using all of them back to back, which he then finishes off with "Whatever you want to call it", which in the debate I joked that it might as well be called "WhateverYouWantToCallitism". This debate about what to call the enemy's ideology has been an ongoing one, but Never in the Muslim world. And there are no competing Islam's across the world as some say there are, no Good Islam's vs Bad Islam's fighting for the "soul" of Islam. All Muslim sects sanction violent jihad, but one, the Ahmadiya sect, whose founder fancied himself a prophet, which discredits it, as Mohammad was the final prophet, according to islam. And its members are naturally murdered by Muslims for it.

The reason we're told we should be creating new terms to name this old ideology is so we don't lump in non-terrorist Muslims with terrorist Muslims. As I mentioned on the show near the end, a perfectly proper term to name the enemy is Jihadist - something that Yaron agreed was a good term to use - and I add, especially since it's not a post-9/11 concocted term and it fits right in with islam and its history. As for non-Jihadist Muslims? Why is it we who have to distinguish them from the jihadists? And how in the hell are we supposed to know which Muslims will go Jihad before they do? What have non-jihadist Muslims done to distinguish themselves from their more devout co-religionists? What have they done to prove to us that they mean us no harm? We're supposed to play Muslim roulette in the middle of a war being waged on us by Muslims, in order to protect Muslims who have not yet chosen sides a dozen years after 9/11? It's Their job to come forward, to Prove to Us that they mean us no harm. To start organizations, to do Whatever it Takes to Convince Us they're not in on it. That they haven't done so in any serious, obvious way speaks volumes. There are a handful of anti-Jihad Muslim individuals who I can think of, but they have no influence in their religion and no large following, if any.

I wrote a piece a couple of years ago that I think is my most comprehensive one on Islam, Muslims and Jihad, and one where readers can better understand my position. It's called
My Name is Bosch and I'm a Recovered Muslim 

Also, check out my essay Muslim Roulette

Update: Here's a follow up on my debate with Yaron Brook, on twitter. 


menosuno said...

Man, I said before, but the truth must stated again and again: Ypu are Great!

Great courage, great skill (as a cartoonist and as a writer and as radio/podcast person).

By the way, thanks for introducing me in Amy Peikoff Don't let it go. I am downloading all the podcasts. They/you (including Miss Peikoff) are great.

Thanks for being there, for being our voice, the voice of the little people who love freedom above all.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you Very much, appreciate that.