Monday, December 09, 2013

Smile Away Your Past

The Peaceful Terrorist. The Reluctant Monster. These are the terms that came to mind this week when reading the outrageous fawning over Nelson Mandela by leftists, and even some on the right. So we're to believe that Mandela is a Hero because he wasn't a villain? That he was a great leader because he's not Mugabe? Mandela has mainly gotten praise, on the right, for what he wasn't and for what didn't happen in South Africa, not for any great achievement of his. South Africa is a hellhole today, despite the "great" Mandela's stewardship for a number of years. But even those who admire him, like Joel Pollack from Breitbart, concede that Mandela had a violent past. In an interview with Mark Levin, Pollack said about Mandela:

"He believed in non-violence ... but when non-violence didn't work for him, he moved to violence. And so there are things that his movement did that would be considered terrorist... although they were not primarily attacking civilians, they were attacking infrastructure."

So Mandela believed in non-violence … until he didn't believe in non-violence. 

And Mandela and his fellow terrorists in the ANC didn't "primarily" target civilians. "primarily".

Innocent human beings were targeted and murdered. That should make any of his admirers- at least his non-leftist admirers- pause before praising him.

Here are a number of thoughts I tweeted and Facebooked about Mandela this past week:

Hey, Nelson, the Most important thing you can do is Smile. A Lot. They'll forget you ever were a communist terrorist. - Mandela's propagandists

Those trying to make the case that Mandela wasn't Anti-Israel: His being an admirer of Terrorist Yassir Arafat is as Anti-Israel as it gets

Nelson Mandela was the Greatest man who ever lived ... & Islam means peace.

Even a guest on Government Radio (NPR) -from the New York Times- just conceded that Mandela was a member of the Communist Party.

When the best thing one can say about a leader is, "Well, things could've been a Lot worse", you're accepting someone Far worse than you should.

The need for Heroes is so deep, people are sometimes willing to accept villains in the role.

Mandela?! It's SUPERMANdela or you're a Scum Racist!!!! - Mandelaphiles

How do you destroy the left's "heroes"? Quote them.

Nelson Mandela was in prison for his ideas ...... that the ends justify brutal means.

Bad people are good people too! - seems to be the gist of Mandela's defenders. His terrorism -if it's at all acknowledged by them- is referred to as if it were merely some kind of youthful infraction. Tell that to his victims. The willingness by some to overlook his terrorism, in order to focus on some out of context "good" he did, is shocking to me.

Mandelaphiles: one can't be a terrorist, then become friends with terrorists and dictators and be a good man, no matter how much- and for whatever damn reason- you need to believe it.

We've gone from Heroes to "well, he wasn't a monster anymore" (he just hung out with them).

How do we deal w/his terrorist past?
We ignore it. But he needs to smile like his life depends on it. ppl eat that $#!+ up - Mendelaphiles

I was looking for a story where Nelson Mandela renounced violence…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Yeah, he was a terrorist, a communist, he never renounced violence & hung out with terrorists and dictators, but goddammit, he was a hero! -Mandelaphiles

Since Mandelaphiles can't say he wasn't a terrorist, they lie or justify it, w/the Worst of them smearing good people in order to exalt him.

Chris(IWishIWasMichelle)Matthews called Nelson Mandela- once a Terrorist- "Perhaps the world's greatest hero". Yet called TedCruz Terrorist.

If you're on the right and you've praised Mandela in nearly identical terms as Obama has, you better check yourself.

"He has a complex history" is a new way of saying some1 u admire has a terrorist past. Used to be murdering innocent ppl condemned you 4ever.

You can be friends with terrorists and dictators and still be a good person, even a Hero … & Islam means peace

Check out what Mandela had to say about his friends, Arafat and Castro.


menosuno said...

Good job! as always!

Keep it up!!

s3vel2 said...

It's a good thing you're not living in Europe or you might have been arrested:

Imagine the country that gave the world the Magna Carta, and also was instrumental in stopping fascism reduced to this. Stranger than fiction, indeed...

Bosch Fawstin said...

I read about that. No matter how bad things are getting, it's still shocking.

AE said...

"He believed in non-violence ... but when non-violence didn't work for him, he moved to violence."

That reminds me of someone who's blindly worshiped, was from the Middle East, conjured up an evil doctrine -- that is at war with reason and freedom -- and is venerated by over a billion people.

menosuno said...

Europe is the shits, it should be called Eurabia.

David Blankenau said...

Hmmm... blindly worshiped, Middle East, evil doctrine, at war with reason and freedom etc. Thanks, AE, it's about time somebody told the truth about Jesus.

Oh wait, did you mean that OTHER Middle Eastern Guy that Muslims go "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" about? Oops, my mistake... :^)