Sunday, February 09, 2014

From Action Comics to Affirmative Action Comics

I'm reposting this after I read Marvel Comics' "Muslim superhero" comic book, Ms. Marvel #1. It's a mediocre comic book that says Nothing about the fact that Muslims are on the warpath, waging a global Jihad on the civilized world. The Only reason we're talking about Islam is because of Jihad, not because Americans are interested in the exploits of a non-Muslim Muslim American girl whose first words in the comic are "I just want to smell it… delicious, delicious infidel meat" (which could be taken the wrong way) as she eyes bacon in a deli. Now, I was raised Muslim in the Bronx, NY, and if there was one thing that was prohibited to us, it was pork. Yet we're to believe that this "Muslim superhero" craves bacon? What a cheap way to try to get us on her side. Here are all of my blog posts on post 9/11 IslamiComics. And If you haven't already read it, here's my most comprehensive piece on IslamiComics, at PJ Media: 10 Truths Mainstream Comic Books Evade To Promote 'Muslim Superheroes'.

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c papen said...

Hi Bosch,

Is that a lightning bolt I see on Ms. Marvel? Or half of a "sig" rune?

If they're going to be historically correct about the link between Islam and the Nazi's, then it probably should be the latter.