Sunday, February 02, 2014

New T-Shirt Shop

I'm now using Spread Shirt to sell high quality American Apparel T-Shirts with my designs. Here's Amy Peikoff on today's Free-Shipping Special:
Today is Ayn Rand’s birthday — she was born 109 years ago today. Coincidentally (because of Valentine’s Day), Spreadshirt is having a free shipping special. Use the code LOVELY14 when you buy two or more shirts to get free standard shipping. At our Spreadshirt store you can get high quality American Apparel t-shirts with Bosch Fawstin’s Ayn Rand graphic (shown here), as well as t-shirts for “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” and @AynRandBot.

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Yocheved Menashe, B.A.A.S., M.A. said...

Hi Bosch:

Ayn my favorite. The rest of your publications look good too.

I'm just catching up with you. I've been very busy with a project that I work on, and I've gotten way behind with my friends. It should start to normalize pretty soon and I can do the other fun stuff to do on the net: read other blogs.