Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Post-9/11 "Muslim Superhero" Invasion

I just got the heads up from "Creeping Sharia" about a State Department initiative called "Superheroes At State". Looking at the ad for the chat, what kind of "superheroes" are being promoted? "Muslim superheroes". Exclusively. If you're getting bored by my Constant pushback against the Islamization of our culture and of the medium I Love, then I'm going to bore you to Death because I find this Assault on our culture, on Our Comic Book medium, Absolutely Unacceptable. Maybe if other cartoonists were to take it on as well, I wouldn't be posting about it as much.

This is a Full On Islamic Assault on our youth -with the help of the American left- in order to normalize Islam to very young, very impressionable comic book readers. It's insidious, and if you don't believe it, you will when it becomes even more obvious than it is today. Before 9/11, there were hardly any "Muslim superheroes". After 9/11? So many I can't even say. There is No demand in America for "Muslim superheroes", it's being Shoved down our throats. Please help me fight back this enemy propaganda, it's poisoning the one place where good and evil is still being dramatized, week after week. Please spread the word. Share this on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I recently wrote a piece for PJ Media called -10 Truths Mainstream Comics Evade In Order To Promote "Muslim Superheroes" - that lays out my reasons why, at a time of War, being waged on us by Muslims, "Muslim superheroes" are the Last thing American comic book publishers should be involved with. Please read it and share it. Thank you.

And here are all of my posts on IslamiComics.


menosuno said...

Good job!

Keep it!

I help as I can, but the left is nihilist, and the right just coward.

The rest of the people do not even deserve an adjective. They think all this has no relationship with them. They take all that is good in western civilization for granted, not inherited or earned the hard way.

Wait an see.

AE said...

This time it's comic books that are piloted by our enemies, crashing into the consciousness of our youth. A new weapon.

You're relentless, Bosch, like the enemy. Keep it up.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, and that's an apt analogy.

Mullah Lodabullah said...

Baconite will stop the lot of them!