Wednesday, February 19, 2014

They Cry "Islamophobia" In Order to Breed Islamophilia

Look no further than the universally positive reviews of Marvel's "Muslim superhero" comic book to prove that Islamophilia, and not "Islamophobia", is our problem. I literally cannot find one honest, critical review of Ms. Marvel #1, and not because it's above criticism, but because it's an IslamiComic. Comic book critics are rooting for it in a fearful, unseemly way, with almost all of them saying that it adds "diversity" to comics.  Like the "diversity" found in "the muslim world"? 

From an older post of mine:

"Islamophobia" was concocted by the enemy to shut down any and All criticism about Islam. I call it islamophoNia.  Our True Problem is Islamophilia - uncritical admiration of Islam, (no knowledge of Islam required).

"The Shadow Knows" the Truth.

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